Welcome to the Motley County Office!

Motley County is geographically situated in the rolling plains area. Located in the western part of the state seated in the Caprock with rough terrain, broken by the Pease tributaries.

The city of Matador is the County seat and the largest town situated at the intersection of two major highways U.S. 70 & Texas 70. Other towns/communities include Roaring Springs, Flomot, Whiteflat and Northfield.

Agriculture is the main economy in Motley County which includes: beef cattle, cotton, wheat and hay. County geographics also promote recreational activities, swimming at Roaring Springs in spring fed pool, and the hunting of turkey, quail, wild hog and deer.

Vision: To be the premier 21st Century outreach and continuing education organization in Texas responding to the needs of the people.

Mission: To improve the lives of people, businesses, and communities across Texas and beyond through high quality, relevant education.

Last Update: 7/28/2015 RHM